What started out as one
family’s struggle has
become a source of support...

I hope you’re sitting down when you listen to this song.  Thank you to Drew Mayberry for this wonderful and unique take on the classic “Stand By Me”.  We also thank you for performing at the latest Giving Songs event. We are so proud to have you on our GS team!

andrew song photo

Once you fall in love with his version of”Stand By Me”, we’d recommend you check out more of this talented local singer/songwriter in the videos on his Facebook page.

Here are some words from Drew:

Music has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember.  My father was a professional jazz bassist and my mother was a music teacher so I guess it’s just kind of been in my blood.  I first got into guitar when I stumbled across an old acoustic in my parents basement when I was 14.  I spent hours a day that summer teaching myself everything I could before joining a punk rock/ska band with some friends.  We evolved through punk rock, heavy metal, and acoustic rock until we decided to part ways after high school.   Now days I focus on playing as a solo artist leaning on the motown music that was part of upbringing.  I’ve also been influenced by Yellowcard and acoustic artists like Andy Mckee and Noah Gunderson.  

Music has always been a way to connect with people.  The fact that I can play something and in some small way change a life for the better is a beautiful thing.  That’s why I’m honored to participate in Giving Songs.

Thank you, Drew!

Please take a moment to download and enjoy Drew’s contribution!


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